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Latin America to the World is a joint effort of many people whom God has called to spread the gospel through this ministry. All the members of the team are important. Some are called to pray, others give financially, there are those who minister to, counsel and encourage Debbie and I. The contribution of each member of this ministry team is vitally important. Together we can accomplish much in the Kingdom of God. Together we will all enjoy the rewards that our faithfulness will receive.

Latin America to the World is expressed in many ministries. In Tlaxcala it serves the church and promotes world missions. Through the Barnabas ministry it serves to help Mexicans fulfill the calling on their lives. Through the Alliance for the Americas it is forming alliances with the Mexican church to establish churches in all the unreached people groups of Mexico.

Through supporting Latin America to the World your ministry will reach out to many places in the world.

There are several ways you can support the ministry.

Become a financial supporter - LATTW is financially supported by churches and individuals.  You are needed to come along side as a financial supporter of Latin America to the World

Become a prayer supporter - Many people have made commitments to pray regularly for the ministry. Prayer is the most important tool in the ministry. We are thankful for the many prayer warriors who have brought victory to the exploits of Latin America to the World. Needed are others who will pray for the ministry. Every two months a letter is sent giving an update on what is happening and prayer requests.

Share your ministry - Occasionally we receive groups from churches or individuals who come and minister with us for a short time. They have done street evangelism, children's ministry and teaching. They have always been of great encouragement to the Mexican church.

Holding up our hands - Israel was victorious in battle when Moses held up his hands. After a time he became tired and needed help to keep his hands lifted up. During the years, we have been strengthened in countless ways, a word of encouragement or counsel, help in the office and with the sending of newsletters, a place to spend the night, and people helping out however help was needed. God has used many to lift us up when we needed to be strengthened.

Latin America to the World is submitted to men of Integrity

There are many people who are close to us in the United States and Mexico who give us input and oversight in both our personal and spiritual lives and ministry. They include the following:

The elders and missions staff at Cross Points Church, Shawnee, KS.

The elder board of the Living Water Church in Apizaco, Tlaxcala.

The leadership of COMIMEX in Mexico.

The leadership of the Barnabas ministry in Mexico.

The board of Latinoamerica al Mundo Mexico.


How Latin America to the World is supported

LATTW is supported 100% by donations from churches and individuals in the USA.

Tax status

Latin America to the World is a 501c3. All donations are tax deductible.

How contributions are handled.

Donations are sent to 6824 Lackman Rd. Shawnee, Ks 66217 which is the official address of LATTW and the offices of Full Faith Church of Love. The donations are received by the church missions staff and deposited in their entirety in LATTW's bank account during 1st and 3rd weeks of each month We are then notified of your donation and a receipt is sent to you from Mexico. The date on the receipt is the date that the check was deposited. A year-end statement is sent in January summarizing your giving for the year.

How LATTW's finances are used

Of all money received a tithe is given to support other ministries. A certain amount is put into a special account for special projects and needs that may come up. A monthly salary is paid to the Rupes for living expenses. The rest is used for ministry expenses. (Travel, Telephone, postage, printing, special projects etc.) A detailed summary will be provided to supporters upon request.